Dr Ghassemi graduated dental school in 1990 from University Of Brussels. He received his Masters in Periodontology from Manchester University and furthered his education at UCLA. He lectures internationally and his research papers have been published around the globe.

An artist since childhood with a critical eye for beauty, Dr. Mojaver offers every procedure from a simple filling or crown to veneers - done to appear natural and undetectable. Dr. Mojaver employs a highly personalized, aesthetically oriented approach - one that has earned her an expansive patient following.

"We provide expertise in all different modalities of dentistry, which avoids the need for multiple specialists and numerous dental appointments. One or two appointments are all it takes to restore years of damage. Some of our patients choose conscious sedation, given in the form of a small pill, administered to help patients relax and sleep through their treatment, just to wake up to a healthy and beautiful smile".

Dr.Nina Mojaver received her doctorate from Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts, and has advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic orthodontics, where adults can have straight teeth in as little as three months. She is also experienced in homeopathic and holistic dentistry. She is presently working on a patent for her latest dental invention.

Together with Dr. Ghassemi and Dr. Mojavers' combined 35+ years of distinguished service, they have set the bar for exceptional, comprehensive dentistry.

Featured on TV and in San Diego Magazine's Top Doctors Of The Year issues, Dr. Ghassemi and Dr. Mojaver continue their commitment to excellence.

We look forward to meeting you and your family.



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