Oral Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)


del mar dentistry A dream come true! You take a pill and fall asleep. In one appointment all your dental treatment may be taken care of. If you are too busy for repeated dental appointments, have a fear of dentistry, or simply prefer to make dentistry as simple as possible. This would be a great option for you!

Procedure: You take a small pill before you are brought to the office. We will evaluate and sedate you further into sleep with more pills. When your dentistry is done we will wake you up and your companion will give you a ride home to rest. Very safe. Ask our dental team for further information.


Dr. Ghassemi,

     I'm so happy that you offer sedation dentistry in your practice. After all the work (crowns and fillings etc.) that I needed to have done last week...I'm so glad that I chose to be sedated....it's the only way to go for any lenghthy procedures!!! I must admin that I was a bit skeptical....your staff told me that I would be awake enough to respond to your requests and walk to the restroom if I needed to. So I thought if I'm alert I must be able to hear all the commotion (grinding/drilling etc.) and certainly feel pressure and at least a little bit of pain....

     So when I fully woke up in my living room recliner a few hours after leaving your office.... I said to my husband "I know I've already been to the dentist but I can hardly remember a thing" ...it was totally unbelievable to me. Upon reflection, I can recall a couple of times when you asked me to turn my head....and I remember getting out of the chair and walking downstairs... BUT THAT'S IT!!!!

     I felt NO PAIN, NO PRESSURE, NO AFTER EFFECTS....this truly is a miracle pill!!!

     If I ever have to have another major procedure, I won't hesitate to use sedation dentistry again.

     Thank you Dr. Ghassemi and special thanks to your kind and professional staff for all the courtesies they showed me.

With much apprectiation,

Colleen M


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